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 Uchiha Jun (DONE)

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Jun Uchiha
Jun Uchiha

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PostSubject: Uchiha Jun (DONE)   Uchiha Jun (DONE) EmptyMon Jun 03, 2013 7:56 am

Name: Uchiha Jun

Age 23

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Birthday: Sept. 28th

Zodiac Signs: Western- Libra  Eastern- Horse/Earth

Height: 5"9

Weight: 153 lbs.

Eye Color/Shape: Tricky traps, his eyes are like unto alluring black mirrors, infinitely deep and beautiful. Look upon them and watch them change into a blood red with a circle of black tomoe, capable of amazing feats! Jun's eyes unlike most other Sharingan eyes, are uneven in their number of tomoe; a rare trait that only showed up once in about 500 of his predecessors clan-wide, in the history of Uchiha. Jun's Sharingan possess three tomoe in the left eye, while the right eye has gained the Mangekyou Sharingan and thus, can change shape. The shape it takes looks rather like a sun diagram with a razor-blade shape around it.


Hair Color/Style: Jun has raven colored hair that is quite long and has grown down to the small of his back. Like a lot of others in his blood line, the pedigree's hair appearance is also spikey looking, but incredibly silky to touch. It is also styled in choppy layers, with shorter bangs in the front of the mane. Jun usually ties it up in a pony tail, unless he is bathing or sleeping, or just feels like letting his hair down for the sexy flare of it.

Skin Tone/Build:  His skin is toned a light tan. He is athletically, yet delicately built. This body was trained primarily for speed and maneuvering, which explains his light build and lack of bulk. His body's setback is that it is very frail, making him easy to be injured. He makes up for this with his speed and maneuvering. Of course another very good thing about his looks is that he is rather handsome to look upon, even among other members of his clan. In short, it's not hard for most women to find him irresistible.

Unique Features: Jun has two tattoos on his body. The first one is on the left side of his chest, and it is of the Uchiha Tengan emblem. The second one is in the center of Jun's back, and it is of a Yin-Yang circled by a blue dragon and a white tiger. His other noted feature would be that his ears are pierced, on the fleshy lobe part which is commonly pierced, mostly by women. Also, he has acquired many scars along his back, and on his hands, and a few across his chest and midsection. Most of the scars were dulled to barely being noticeable, but the more harsh ones are plainly visible. They are a sign of the torture he endured to keep Otogakure's secrets safe, and to keep the peace between Konoha and Oto.

Written Description:

A young man of an average height, though a little taller than most Asian men. His body is a bit on the lanky, slim side, though this doesn’t mean he’s necessarily a toothpick. His muscles are tight and visible, showing he excels in speed and maneuverability, versus brute strength.

On his head is lovely shiny black hair which is thick and spikes up in places, framing his boyish face with dangling layered locks. He ties it up in the back, as he likes it out of the way most of the time, since wind could blow it in his face, etc.  Other times, often off duty, he’ll show off its full majesty, just to hear the reactions of his admirers.

Jun has eyes like most pure-bred Uchiha, dark and deep, they are black like obsidian, though if a flashlight is shined in them, they’d appear dark grey, with a ring clearly visible around the pupil. When he activates his Sharingan, they turn a deep blood-like red, with three tomoe seals around the ring, with the pupil in the center. Then, when he uses the Mangekyou Sharingan, his right eye spins, the tomoe changing shape into what appears to be a sun diagram surrounded by a razor-blade like shape, quite lovely, but menacing at the same time.

Jun has a child-like face, very feminine and beautiful, yet clearly male. He looks rather like Oriental royalty, and in truth he is a prince, a prince of the Uchiha Clan. His alluring eyes are accented by a cute small nose, fine lips, and a noble’s chin. His head sits nicely on a lean, yet strong neck.

Jun’s shoulders, arms, and hands are lean and muscular, the stuff of an acrobatic swordsman. Attractive, and somewhat delicate looking like the rest of his body, his strong hands are equipped with long slender fingers, perfect for gripping and repositioning swords, and performing ninjutsu, as well as careful medical procedures.

His chest and torso are well chiseled, beautifully muscled with just the right amount of lean muscle he needs to perform his best moves, as well as show off at the bath house in his towel and robes. Jun’s back is thin, mostly skin and a bit of muscle. The young man has a tight buttox, strong thighs and calves, and nice, delicate looking fet that are smaller than average for a man. He is also well equipped, blessed with good genes and good jewels.

Notable markings and accents about his body are his ear piercings, one in each  ear lobe, in which he will usually wear a pair of dangling earrings that look like a tomoe, in red. He has a tattoo of the Uchiha tengan on the left side of his chest, and a tattoo of a Yin-Yang in the center of his back, circled by a white tiger and a blue dragon.

Unfortunately for our vain hero, his body has been flawed by many scars scattered about his body This was the result of harsh beatings, bullying, and torture sessions while the young Uchiha was imprisoned at Konoha’s prison facility.  Though Nakago Yaiba applied great expertise in Iryojutsu to his body to heal his countless injuries, it could not dull the harsher marks. The scarring of his body will be a reminder of his strength in enduring great pain, and to show the love he has for his people, that he had gone through such suffering.


Jun is usually seen wearing a black or navy blue high collar t-shirt with a white inside, and the Uchiha Tengan on the back. Other times he will wear a more traditional black robe with an inner white robe, similar to the Shinigami in Bleach, but having the Uchiha tengan on the back, as usual. This accompanied by the black or grey ninja pants that go down to mid-calf. He wears a leather utility belt with a modern-style buckle, holding slots for equipment on it, such as his three scabbards for his swords.  White cloth bandages are rolled along the lengths of his forearms and covering the palms, permitting naked fingers. The bandages are also rolled along the length of his calves where his pants cut off, rolled over the ankles and feet as well, but not the toes. Under his shirt, Jun wears a mesh tank top, and loosely around his neck dangles a tarnished gold necklace sporting three kunai shaped ornaments. These three kunai charms are engraved with kanji. From left to right they read this; Love, Power, Peace. The trinket once belonged to his mother. On his feet, Jun wears black shinobi shoes, or wooden geta sandals, depending on what he feels like. Additional things include the uniform leg strap/holster on his left thigh, and Jun's Hitae-ate which is tied around his left upper arm in the way Shikamaru Nara wore his. In his pierced ear, he wears a dangling earring, that looks exactly like a black tomoe.

Picture(s): Uchiha Jun (DONE) Izuna_zps8e01ebd2







Faceclaim?: Uchiha Izuna  from: Naruto


Jun was the type of kid who believed he had no future. He doubted himself, he showed little to no interest in progress, he was jealous, angry, often sad, and at one point he had become suicidal. Luckily nowadays however, Jun has learned to let go of the sorrow and not bash himself for his weaknesses, but embrace his strengths. However his turn around from self destruction was born from him seeing his family suffer losses, illness, and death. Jun knew he would have to step up to the plate. So many people believed in him, and he just couldn't let them down after all. The Uchiha youth has inherited from his family a truly powerful strength, his new ambitions powered by love.
“Life is boring unless it's lived to it's fullest. I need to show you just how much I've come to realize nothing is easy, and nothing is free. So don't waste my time. I have things to do!" ~ Jun Uchiha
Jun is a busy bodied young man who has dealt with a lot of pain, physically, emotionally, and mentally. To put the past away is difficult for him, and at times sadness or anger can become over-bearing for him, clouding his better judgement and usual peaceful and happy demeanor. However, Jun is able to vent these negative emotions through a constant need to improve himself and turn his weaknesses into strengths.
Jun is quite capable of showing such emotions as joy, playfulness, love, and humor. He has a rather nice personality when he's in a good mood, and will often be seen walking down the street with a confident smile on his face. He loves getting attention and feeling important, especially when the ones giving him attention are pretty females. If spoken to, Jun will reply with such a finesse in a delicately and refined tone of voice, which is nearly of imperial stature. Jun is hardly rude, and prefers to keep himself pleasant, unless provoked, or if he's having a rather bad day.

 His seriousness about deep personal issues makes him deadly to those who would hurt his feelings. If you insult him or someone or something he cares deeply for, he would not hesitate to attack. However, his anger usually doesn't last too long, as his need for a balance overcomes his rage. This being said, he usually regrets becoming angry with people, and he would apologize to that person, and if he killed them, he'd never forgive himself for doing so. To him there must be a reason to hurt someone. Causing pain and suffering to someone for no reason just isn't in his book, and he refuses to do something like that. The only exception to this rule of regret is evil. Jun could never forgive someone with an evil heart, and would not feel remorse for them. Those who are his true enemies, Jun will not hesitate to kill, and he will feel glad he has spilled their blood and ended their lives. This doesn't mean though, that he would not give them a proper burial, for even an enemy must be respected. The best form of burial? Burning....for there is no purer way to leave this life than to burned away from this plain of existence, leaving nothing behind but ashes that soon blow away on the winds of fate.

Jun is a trustworthy and invaluable friend who looks out for the well-being of others and will do anything in his power to help them, even lay his life on the line to protect those who are important to him. When Jun has made a friend, that friend is a friend for life, no matter what happens. He believes in bravery, valor, truth, and virtue. He also has much love for his Clan, his family, his friends, and his village. Love is perhaps the most important thing to him. If Jun had no one to share his love with, he wouldn't know what to do. Infact, Jun's affinity for love has led him to develop well in the field of Iryojutsu. With this skill, Jun can heal the wounded and give them more protection than he would have been able to do before. He hopes though, that he can learn to cure serious illnesses and even diseases, that would else-wise take away the lives of those who still had long to live.

On the contrary, even though Jun is an outgoing guy who has a lot of love for others and enjoys friendships, he is also one who enjoys being alone at times. He likes to think of himself first and foremost before involving himself in other's matters, thus he does what is best for his situation first, and can actually be rather selfish about certain things. He hates being told he's wrong, or that he can't have what he wants. His opinion in his mind, is like the word of the Gods, and he will argue his point until it has been agreed with or he has been put to shame. Struggling with abstinence and self-centeredness, in tantrums Jun will go somewhere he can be alone until he has simmered down. Activities he does when needing alone time are meditating, honing his skills, traveling the countryside, or merely taking a much needed rest from his busy life. Everyone needs time to unwind, right? I mean, that is a good thing.
Being a shinobi, especially an Uchiha, Jun has picked up quite the perceptive mind, a lot to do with training with his father, Houkin, and Seiaryu when he was younger. Jun keeps aware of his surroundings and notes any and everything about the others around him to acquire the most accurate information. He has gotten so good at reading people and situations, he can even tell when someone is bring dishonest, whether they are lying to him, or hiding something from him. This not only goes with dealing with people situations, but with surveying the landscape around him, having a sort of sixth sense when something seems out of place. In a way, his keenness allows Jun to see situations from all angles and corners, so that he can be ready on a dime to act or counter-act in most scenerios. Jun's extemporaneous and quick witted nature are a handy asset in many a mission. His preferred method of fighting is to study his opponent and his possible options, determining each pro and con before making a final decision. For these reasons, he does well as a tactician, an advisor, an assassin, as a recon unit, and a commander.
His wisdom and intelligence factors using practicality and perception, he can use his sharpness to an advantage in training as well as on the battlefield. He is very quick to pick up new skills and is able to handle many tasks at the same time. However this ambition can be a bit harmful to him because of the fact that he gets bored easily, especially when it comes to doing routines. Because of this, Jun has a bad habit of not finishing most tasks, slacking off at times when he is not satisfied, and will trade a boring task readily for the next big challenge.
If it is a goal Jun has set for himself though, he will put his whole heart into reaching said goal and will work very hard to meet it. This is because above all others, Jun believes in himself, if he really puts forth effort he can make amazing things happen. This wouldn't be possible though, if he did not have the backup of those whom he loves, and confided in him their trust, faith, and hope. Because of this, when working on tasks he deems important, Jun will go the extra mile to put the most quality in his work, often taking the long and drawn out approach, but coming up stronger than those who would take short-cuts to do the same thing.
Jun accepts that his body isn't the strongest, and never will be, but this will never dampen his inner ambitions. Jun's quest as a shinobi is not to be the most powerful of all, like some of his clansmen have tried and failed to do, but it is to help his clan as a whole to achieve greatness, equality, and positive recognition. On his shoulders, rest the hopes and dreams of those who have cared about doing good for the clan, and he will do all he can to live up to the dreams they have and once had, and surpass them, making it a reality if he can. Good natured yet fearsome, friendly yet sometimes preferring solitude, loving and diplomatic, perhaps one day Jun's name would become important indeed, and he'd be able to not only show his family, but the whole world, he could be their hero.



His Family
His Good Looks
Being Important
Battling Others
Bettering Himself
Helping others
Making a Difference
Impressing people, especially women
Spicy Pork Buns
Taking Naps
Time by himself
Intensive Training
Good Manners and Etiquette


Evil-Minded People
Getting Angry
Hurting People for No Reason
Loud Noises
Being Annoyed
Being Disagreed with
Failing a task
Failing to meet others' expectations
Being Confused
Being told "No!"
Feeling Alienated

Nindo: No matter what physical weakness you have, the heart is where one's true strength lies, and with that love, you have all the power you need to overcome anything in your way.

Catch Phrase: N/A

Place of Birth: Hi no Kuni/ Konohagakure no Sato

Resident of: Ta no Kuni/ Otogakure no Sato

Class: Shinobi

Rank: Jounin

Job: Uchiha Clan Secondary Head/Advisor to Shinji/Special Ops Commander

Title: The Peace Maker

Element(s): Katon/Fuuton/Doton/Raiton

Combat Skills(s): Bukijutsu- 41 (Mastery)
                              Ninjutsu-41 (Mastery)
                                Iryojutsu-41 (Mastery)
                             Genjutsu- 22 (Adept)
                                    Fuuinjutsu- 25 (Adept) SA


  • Strength- 25
  • Constitution- 45
  • Stamina- 40
  • Agility- 25
  • Dexterity- 25
  • Wisdom- 50
  • Fate- 5


Special Abilities:


*Kekkei-Genkei- As required for bloodline trait. I list here the Sharingan doujutsu.

*Accursed Eyes (benefits)- Jun starts with tomoe 3 Sharingan in his right eye, with Mangekyou Sharingan unlocked. His right eye's Sharingan is oddly more powerful than a normal Sharingan of this stage. Its powers of perception and ability to predict are double that of which is normal at this level, making Jun's right eye amazing (+84 tracking speed,+30 precognition to Wisdom). The actual MS contains the ability called Kamui, obtainable with 420 XP. Jun's left eye is a normal stage 3 tomoe, and works regularly as it would. At EMS, his right eye would be on par with the Rinnegan's powers of perception, but not grant him any of the special techniques, unless he actually unlocked Rinnegan.

* - "To be well rounded and have the best chance of survival, you gotta have a backup plan. Never run out of plans, if you do, you're dead." - Uchiha Hiko Jun remembers these wise words and has pushed himself hard, training for hours and sometimes days at a time to make himself into someone worthy of the name Uchiha; a well-balanced fighter, even without the strength of most others. With much hard work, Jun was able to acquire this CS, as a an adept in Fuuinjutsu, determined to continue honing his skills in this, with the help of his Uncle and his Cousin.

*Gotta go faster- Jun, being built for speed, and having a lot of agility to train, to get back into optimal performance,can train Agility at half (50%) the XP cost.

*Quick Hands-Jun, being a master Swordsman and Ninjutsu expert, can train Dexterity at half (50%) the XP cost.


*Sharingan Genius- Jun has developed an ability which allows him to choose which eye to activate the normal tomoe Sharingan in; something that would normally not be accomplished. Jun can activate both eyes at the same time, or just the right or left eye. This also works for deactivation in the same way, and when using MS, he can deactivate Kamui mid-technique if necessary though with possible horrible outcomes.

*Uchiha Elite- Jun gets +10 Stamina when in combat, due to his pure Uchiha genes.

*Swift Fighter-+10 Agi when competing with others.

*It's all about the Hands-+10 Dexterity when weilding weaponry or performing jutsu.



*Accursed Eyes (Setbacks)- Jun's powerful right eye's Sharingan comes with serious setbacks. Though it allows him to see twice as good as a nomal tomoe of it's stage, it is unstable and it causes him pain right after activating it. He found out that he can only use it for six minutes per hour or six posts) without side-effects besides the pain it causes his head. After those six minutes, the eye will start to become unfocused and the pain steadily increases. In another two minutes (the two posts after the first 6) the vision in the eye will start to go blank, and his eye will start bleeding, and it will make him dizzy and nauseaous, and if further pressed to use it, Jun would suffer a seizure and be knocked unconscious( if gone past 8 posts without deactivating it). If this happens it takes him a whole day to recover himself, and two more days for the eye to heal and return to normal. He is very lucky that the side-effects are only temporary and not permanent. Jun's eyes will also always be uneven, the right always being stronger and unstable, versus the left, which would always remain normal, and a step behind, even if he gained EMS or higher. A quick fix to these problems would be to have implant surgery. However, so far Jun has rejected this idea, because he dislikes taking things that aren't his. In addition, unlike Tobi's case when using the right eye Kamui, using Kamui with Jun makes Jun incredibly dizzy and lightheaded after being used, and if used for more than 6 posts in a topic, he would faint of over exertion, and it would take 3 posts for him to regain consciousness, unless tended to by another Medical Ninja.

*Late Bloom- It has always been difficult for Jun to learn Katon jutsu. In order for him to succeed, it takes him more focus and effort, only mastering it truly after learning the technique. Jun requires double XP to learn fire based ninjutsu.

*Poor Strength- Jun was never the strongest of his family.Requires Double XP to train Strength.

*Fragile Bones-Requires Double XP to train Constitution, due to Jun's weak bone structure.

*Gives away half of his earned money to help construction efforts and medical supply needs for the village.

*Starts with no XP bonus

*Must train Kamui for 420 XP before he can use it at all.


*Glass Warrior- Jun is very strong willed! However, his body is quite the opposite. In his family, Jun has aqcuired the gold medal for the most broken bones in his 16 years of life (-5 CONS)

*-5 Strength while fighting, for being physically weak.

*Passionate Love- Jun turned his lust for women into a passionate love for one woman whom he's devoted himself to. He would do anything for Masuyo Kaede, so she would be happy and love him back, even if he receives nothing in return for his kindness, or gets the beating of his life. He cares so much about her, he vowed to protect her no matter what, even if he dies doing so. If anything happened that would take Masuyo away from him, Hell hath no Fury compared to his. That love for his Wife is now extended to his Daughter and Son, whom he also loves dearly, and would do anything to keep them safe and well. -25 Wisdom if family is in danger.

Family Members:

Masuyo Kaede- Wife/Jounin
Hisa Uchiha- Daughter
Hiseo Uchiha- Son
Hiko Uchiha- Father/Former Clan Leader/Jounin
Kagura Uchiha- Mother/Jounin
Houkin Uchiha- Brother/ANBU
Seiaryu Uchiha- Sister/ANBU
Zataku Uchiha- Uncle/Retired Jounin/Village Elder
Naomi Uchiha- Aunt/Jounin
Kyoushiro Uchiha- Grandfather-Father's side/Jounin
Shenron Uchiha-Grandfather- Mother's side/Former Clan Leader/Jounin
Uchiha Raena-Grandmother-Mother's side/Jounin
Uchiha Sachiko-Grandmother-Father's side/Jounin
Uchiha Chijin-Cousin/Genin
Uchiha Shinji-Cousin/Clan Leader/Otokage


Chapter One- A New Beginning

Hiko and Zataku Uchiha were two of the most famous names in the village of Konoha. They were two brothers who vowed to dedicate their lives to bringing peace and unity. Hiko Uchiha in his prime time, was a master of Kenjutsu. He was seemingly cold, but had a big and caring heart. He did all he could to protect the weak and defenseless, jumping into the fray to save his comrade Konoha-nin from early deaths, and cut down his enemies with such power and ease, he rather resembled a blur of blades. The blood of his enemies mercilessly spraying, their bodies turned to butchered meat. He was a force to be reckoned with, and was looked up to by many, a true Elite Jounin. He was Hiko of the demon's eyes.

Zataku Uchiha, the elder brother, was a man of wisdom, seen as a living tome of deep and ancient wisdom. His life's purpose and goal was to find, decipher, and hold secret the Uchiha Clan's mysteries, and the true power of the Sharingan. He prefered not to use weapons or even his fists to wage wars, neither did he use handseals to perform ninjutsu. He believed that the greatest of powers were to be found in the mind and spirit. He was a master of Genjutsu and sealing techniques, able to take down his enemies without ever lifting a finger, and oftentimes his enemies didn't have to be put to death. Zataku was eventually labeled as the Sharingan Sage. Members of the Uchiha Clan visited Zataku's Shinto shrine to receive his words and join him in meditation.

Both Uchiha were members of the clan's council, who governed the clan, looking out for the people's best interests and wishes. They were often called upon by the Hokage and the Konoha Elder's Council, receiving information and orders directly from the source. They were also the youngest council members in history since the founding of Konoha nearly 500 years ago, Hiko at age 17, and Zataku at age 21. The two of them were looked at like re-incarnations of the spirits of Madara and Izuna, but more positive manifestations.

The two brother also had a younger sister named Naomi. Naomi was a beautiful and high spirited girl who could make just about anyone smile. However she didn't care for being underestimated or picked on for being a girl Taijutsu Specialist. She packed a whollup , and shortly shut up anyone who dared to treat her as mediocre. Naomi, like her brothers, was looked up to, but she didn't really care about getting too much attention. Neither did Naomi care about going to council meetings unless she was forced to. Naomi was a free-spirit who knew almost no boundaries, and because of this, when she was eighteen, she married someone outside of the clan, and went to live a private life with her new husband.


Zataku never married or had any children, preferring the celibate lifestyle to better commune with the spirits. However Hiko did marry. He wed the Clan Lord's daughter, Kagura Uchiha, and eventually in years to come Hiko had become Head of the Uchiha Clan, with Kagura at his side.

A year later, Kagura bore Hiko a son. They named him Houkin, the firey one. He was a splendid boy who grew up lawfully abiding the rules and living up to his parents' expectations. He was loved by everyone in the family, and Zataku saw in the boy a great leader who would learn many skills and pass them on to others. It was said that Houkin's kindness and virtuous spirit was a resemblance of his grandfather, Shenron, the previous Uchiha Lord.

When Houkin was eight, a fresh academy student with so many things accomplished already, Hiko and Kagura had a second son on an autumn evening. This son's name was called Jun, or truth and purity. He was pure blooded Uchiha, and one day as prophecised by Zataku, the boy would be bestowed with the great truth, just as the sage himself was.


Chapter 2- The Brat Prince

Jun was a very loving baby who didn't cry much, and giggled a lot. He loved his Mother, Father, Brother, and Adopted Sister, Seiaryu, and  was loved back double as much. The boy born in the year of the Earth Horse was very vocal and started speaking words at age one and learned to walk well by another half of a year. Things were looking quite good for his future, and his father decided his training would begin at age three, with lessons for a basic ninja in training. However, a tragic event occurred when Jun had just turned two years old, which would turn the happy child into a sad child who would cry a lot.


It was late Autumn, and a cold one at that, with early yet thick snow covering most of the Fire Country and it's neighboring nations. Kagura was out on a mission to help a small village end it's issue of being raided by rouge shinobi bandits. Everything seemed to be going fine, until Kagura was caught off guard and was ambushed from behind. The enemy soon surrounded Kagura and outnumbered her.


A fierce battle of Ninjutsu wielders erupted in the area. Houses and farms evacuated during the fray and fire clashed against water and earth. Had this been staged? Did the enemy somehow know what shinobi would be sent to thwart them? It didn't matter much now, as this was turned into a fight to the death.


With Kagura knowing she wouldn't last, she summoned a hawk and had the bird fly swiftly back to Konoha with a message. It was a message for Hiko, and it read this,


"Dear beloved, I fight now my last battle. I apologize that I won't be returning to you and the children, but please make me a promise. Tell the children that I love them very much, and I hope for them that they will become great ninja. Train them to be the best, Hiko. Also, I know how you are, when you find my body, please take my necklace and give it to Jun. He's my precious little prince. Fare-well, Hiko-Kun. I will love you always~ <3 <3"


Timeskip to Academy Years


The happy little boy was now a depressed and bratty eight year old child. Like other ninja hopefuls at this age, he was enrolled into Konoha's academy. It was true that Jun wanted to be a ninja. He wanted to prove his worth to his father, and be strong and brave like Houkin was, and super talented like Seiaryu. However there were for Jun, many setbacks and obstacles that a lot of other Uchiha children didn't have to worry about.


Jun was forced off of breast milk early, with the death of his Mother, and Hiko had to learn how to be a single parent, having his brother Zataku for support. Taking care of a new baby with no woman in the house was very hard, and finding what Jun would and wouldn’t eat was sometimes difficult. The result was that now at eight years old, he was more frail than his older brother and sister had been at his age. He was also not very strong, and Jun could not tap into his Katon nature, even though he could easily control and utilize chakra and perform basic ninjutsu.


Most of the other boys in his class would pick on Jun. They mocked at how sad he always looked and how Jun was weak, calling him a pathetic loser. Because of this, Jun would usually get into a fight once or twice a week and would often end up with bruises, and sometimes broken bones. However, he often found out he could win if he was mad enough, and he damaged the other kids as much as he could. Thus, Jun was always put in detention, or given extra homework, and sometimes he was suspended.


Hiko was upset at Jun's bad behavior and he was stern with Jun and hard on him. Jun's sensei would often bring other children's parents' complaints to Hiko. Sometimes Hiko would even be accused of not raising his son correctly. However this was not the case. Hiko was hard on Jun, but he drilled respect into him and he loved him and praised him when Jun would behave and make good efforts. The point was, Jun was stubborn and bratty and he felt that he wasn't given much attention and that he wasn't as good as others. Jun was mean, jealous of others, and he doubted his own ability, thus Jun gave into anger, and for the most part he showed disinterest in improving.


If Jun couldn't behave himself in school, and start taking his lessons seriously, he would not graduate to Genin. Hiko was deeply worried for Jun, and so he knew he'd have to act fast and give his youngest child more support. Intensive training and wisdom-filled lecturing would ensue.


Hiko stressed to Jun about the importance of controlling his emotions and doing what was right, no matter how hard it was. He told Jun to believe in himself and focus on what he could do, instead of what he couldn't do, and he began to train his boy with a ferociousness like unto his own father had taught him. With this, Hiko tested his son's abilities and found out what his strong points were, speed, dexterity, and wit. "Perfect.", Hiko thought with a smile. "My son will learn by my hand, the style of Kenjutsu, and perhaps one day, he might embrace Mumyo Jinpu Ryu and surpass even me."


So Hiko began training Jun to learn Kenjutsu, with a bokken (wooden sword) as a safe starting weapon. Father and son trained one on one in the second floor training room, with Zataku ever watching the boy. As the days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months, Jun's technique became better, sharper, and his wits became more sure. The boy was slowly but surely turning towards being positive. Jun was harnessing a new-found pride in his training and gaining more self-esteem. This was very good, even if the boy still needed a lot more adjustments.


So, Jun was also improving in school, bringing home straight A's before you knew it, and the bullying was stopping also. Jun looked forward to learning more from his father and from Houkin, and tried really hard, often times his efforts paying off handsomely. It was only really things like Taijutsu and Genjutsu that bothered Jun, and the fact he didn't show a lick of flames yet, but incredibly Jun found he could harness the element of wind, and using this with his Kenjutsu, Jun could increase the cutting ability and range of his bokken and deflect raiton. Jun was turning out to be an oddball Uchiha, but was a genius nonetheless.


Jun's brother Houkin at this point, was now a junior member of Konoha's ANBU forces. He had a lot of responsibility, and could spend less time with his family than he'd like. Jun was a bit upset at this. He loved to tell Houkin about all his accomplishments and show him new things he'd learned at school and from his dad. So now with Houkin being gone all the time, and Seia being a Genin and being drilled for perfection by his father, Jun was feeling lonely, and he turned to bad habits again, taking up an extreme jealousy towards Seiaryu,  picking up a new way to deal with being upset, and locking himself in his room to brood and pout.


Things took a turn for the worse one day, when Hiko recieved a message from the Hokage that his first-born son had been critically wounded on his last mission, and would be returning home, discharged from duty for medical reasons. When Houkin came home, everyone in the house was horrified. The teenager's face was covered in bandages stained by blood. Houkin went on to tell a tale, stating he had faced a dangerous and powerful foe who had overwhelmed him, and had cut his eyes out of his face, rendering him blind. The family though, did not know Houkin had been a part of the hidden organization, ROOT, and not even Houkin knew the truth behind the mission he had taken, that it had all been a set up.


Jun, like his father, uncle, and Seia, hated that this had happened to Houkin. Jun's big brother, the talented and kind ninja who used his Sharingan like an expert now had to learn to live life without seeing. Jun took it all in with so much sorrow, and was angry when Seia spent hours with Houkin at a time. He was so mad, that Jun told Seia that he hated her, and he wished she had never been a part of their family.

He began using his sadness and rage to empower his ambitions to become stronger. He punched at hard objects, bloodying his knuckles until he'd learned how to aim at something to break it instead of messing up his fists. He learned to not only deflect raiton with his fuuton, but to re-direct it to another target. He created his own bokken instead of using the ones from the dojo. He finally learned to channel and release his katon, and use fuuton to make the fires bigger and hotter. He unlocked his first Sharingan tomoe in his right eye and he also passed the Academy Exams with high-flying colours.

Chapter 3-To be a Ninja

Angry, depressed, and fueled by negative emotions, Jun did a lot of solo training and refused to train alongside Seiaryu. If forced to do so, he would try to bail at the first chance he got, highly upsetting his father in the process. Hiko had Jun go to his uncle to do much meditation and work on his psyche, to try and help the boy re-focus and calm his anger. It worked to an extent, but Jun still showed a temper whenever Seia took center stage. The blind Houkin and Uncle Zataku would start attending Jun's training sessions on the side-lines. This helped him somewhat, but Jun couldn't help but feel upset at the fact that Houkin could not see him.
Away from home, things were a bit better. Jun had a new sensei, a woman named Amara Kuchiki, and had two other team members who were Ryukudo Sarutobi and Shokyaku Senju. Jun liked Ryukudo. She was pretty and talented and she was easy to get along with. Shokyaku on the other hand, wasn't too keen on working with an Uchiha in the squad. Jun didn't hate Shokyaku, but he hated the way he acted and the fact that he tried his best to be better than Jun, like he felt superior. The two boys often got into arguments or started fighting, with Ryukudo or their sensei having to stop the two from ripping each other's heads off.
Because their team had issues, Amara gave a mission to just Jun and Shokyaku. It was a D Rank mission that the two should be able to complete easily, if they worked as a team. If they didn't they would fail, and they would not be allowed back inside the village gates if they didn't finish it, or at least that's what they were led to believe. Of course they'd eventually be let back in.
The mission was a lot like a timed course in one of the new Super Mario games. The goal was to collect and store eight-hundred paper shuriken in three minutes. They were scattered about a nearby farm's sheep pasture. With so many scattered about, and there being so wide a space, Jun could not finish it by himself even if he tried. However, he didn't want to work with the Senju, so he started off doing it without help anyway. Shokyaku just stood there laughing at Jun, until it reached a minute and a half. If they didn't finish by the time three minutes was up, they would be locked out of the village!
Amara was smirking, secretly watching the boys from the branches of a nearby tree. Luckily, Jun had decided he needed Shokyaku, and he went over to him, grabbed him by the shirt, and yelled,
"Hey man, come on! Let's do this together so we can go home!", and so with fear of being locked out, Shokyaku made his best efforts to work together with Jun, Uchiha or not, they were teammates. They finished the mission, one second late. However, Amara popped out of the tree happily and told the boys they passed.
Back at home, Zataku was training Jun to use his Sharingan better. since Jun's Sharingan currently only was in his right eye, and the fact that it caused him pain and trauma if used for more than six minutes at a time made it difficult to use. Zataku trained the boy to use his Sharingan sparingly so that he could increase the duration it could be used. He emphasized the need for Jun to conserve his strength also, and to focus it better if pain were to start up. With these exercises, Jun developed a way to activate and deactivate one eye at a time, or both in the years to come. However Jun learned from his Uncle Zataku that in Jun's rare case, he would never have an equal number of tomoe in his Sharingan , no matter how much he trained or how much stronger he would become.
The Sharingan lesson would also be the last lesson Zataku would teach Jun. This is because Zataku had spent the majority of the last few years researching to find a possible way to restore Houkin's vision. Now, Zataku had finally found it, however, it would mean giving up not only his eyes, but his entire life force. it was necessary though, and it had to be done.
The morning after Zataku's farewell, Houkin walked out of the shrine, his eyes full of life, and he could see again, even more clearly than before he was blinded. The only thing different about Houkin were the front of his hair had turned white, and his eyes were the deepest red of Sharingans ever seen.
An extravagant funeral was held at the clan hold's cemetery. All of the important families were there including Jun's family, Coral's family, Shinji's family, Chijin's family, and Lyon's family. After the funeral was over, Jun ran away from the crowd of people and headed for the park. It started raining as Jun released tears of sorrow. He sat under a statue of a giant tengu warrior, clad in armor and wielding a sword and shield (Susanoo'o). He was thinking ' Why do I have to suffer all of this? How come my mom, and now my uncle are dead? Was it really for the better, or was there another way to save them?' He sobbed.
For the next week, Jun was extremely bitter. He hid in his room most of the time with his stash of Kona Kola, and he refused to talk to everyone and trained all by himself or not at all. Chijin was staying with them at the time, and Hiko was lecturing to the boy, and Seia was being bouncy and giddy as ever. it all gave Jun such a headache. In fact, it got to the point where Jun lost it. He decided that if he would never be as good as Seia and Houkin were, than he didn't deserve to live. So, one night in his room, Jun brandished a kunai, and went to slit his throat, cutting it slowly, and shallow at first, hesitating to go deeper.
Jun couldn't help but cry out in pain as his blood poured out. From the sound, Seiaryu, Houkin, and Chijin took off at top speed down the hallway. Chijin kicked the door in and Seia and Houkin ran inside, Seia knocking the kunai from Jun's hand, and Houkin taking the nearest piece of cloth, tied a tourniquet around his little brother's neck. If it weren't for their father knowing a little bit of medical jutsu, Jun might have bled to death. Luckily however, the damage was soon reversed. Although now, Jun had a lot of explaining to do. Hiko was never as angry looking as he was that night.

Jun told his father that he felt like a failure. He complained that he was weak and that others like Seia and his older brother would always be much stronger than him. He clasped the old necklace that once belonged to his mother, blood now staining the golden kunai charms. He said to his father,
"See what these say, Dad? I don't get it! Why do we feel as Uchiha, we must have power in order to attain peace? I'll never be powerful, just wimpy. I'll never make you, or Uncle, or Mother truly proud. I reject myself..my Sharingan is proof of my failure."
Hiko listened intently to his son. He felt like a bad father, being kept in the dark from how Jun felt. He took a cigarette from a pocket, lit it, and took a long drag before replying with all the calmness the world could grant him,
"You're such a fool, Son." He walked up to Jun, and placed a big strong hand on the boy's head, tilting Jun's face to his, Hiko activating his Sharingan and looked into Jun's eyes.
"It is true that we Uchiha pride ourselves in our power. You can't deny that you do as well, I've seen it. Remember your Kenjutsu training?"
Jun silently nodded, as his father continued,
"But power alone doesn't make a man strong. He's got to have guts, nerves, and even more importantly, he must have love for his family and friends. You Jun, have a lot of love. Your Mother and your Uncle both wanted you to become a great ninja. They loved you so much, and they wouldn't want their beloved Jun to hate himself."
The boy continued to listen, knowing these things were true, he felt bad for being so selfish.
Hiko continued, putting his strong hands on Jun's shoulders, and pressing down just slightly,
"Don't be sad that your Mother and Uncle died, Son. One day everyone dies. I will die. Houkin will die. Seiaryu will die, and so will You, Jun. It's just part of life, and there's nothing you can do about it but enjoy what you've got. Death is needed, so that our souls can be reborn again. As a ninja, remember not to fear death. Neither seek your own end. While you are alive, be strong and learn all you can, make a difference in the lives of others and help change the world. Do your duty to your country and your village, and uphold justice. When you do die, die on the battlefield or as an old man. So live life to the fullest. This is what we all want for you. Who knows...maybe one day you will be in charge, and you'll have everyone's hopes and dreams on your shoulders. You are my son, an Uchiha, and an heir to Lordship of our people. We can't have you moping around feeling sorry for yourself, now can we?"
Agreeing, Jun dedicates his left thereafter to doing good. Sometimes it would be tough, and Jun was every bit as sensitive, but he pressed forth, and put much effort into reaching his personal goals and overcoming his weaknesses. With a powerful will, even without the most powerful body, Jun knew he could become great, maybe even the greatest ever.

Chapter 4-Nothing is Perfect
Jun had passed the Chuunin Exams along with Ryukudo Sarutobi and Shokyaku Senju. In addition to these things, Jun had unlocked his second tomoe Sharingan, now having the two tomoe in his right eye and the one tomoe in his left. With his father and brother's help, Jun became willed unto a stone wall, and was swifter and more keen than ever before. Hiko saw a lot of himself in the boy, and as he grew, he even started looking more like him, minus Jun was growing his hair out long.
Things were always changing and left constantly demanded more of him, making things ever difficult. Nothing was easy and Jun was finally starting to grasp this. Tsuneo Izumi, seen as an adopted uncle to Jun and his siblings (Tsuneo had took Seia under his wing for training, and had become a god friend of Hiko as well, and thus the whole family), was Hokage at the time. Seia was now a junior in the ANBU, following in Houkin's footprints, and was also inducted into secret ROOT organization by Lord Mack along with her two close friend Hyuuga Kontou and Senju Masuto. Jun didn't get to see much of Seia at all for a long time, but each time she would come home, she seemed more hardened, and oddly, a little more distant, as if she were hiding feelings under her smile. The little boy had no idea the painful and cruel training Mack put her through, neither did he even know the man at all, or know anything of what she did. It was all classified, and she was not able to speak of such things, even if she wanted to, due to Mack placing on her, Danzo Shimura's Juuinjutsu.
It was an odd time in Konoha, really. Eventhough Jun was ever more busy as a Chuunin, he couldn't help notice some things were off about the village. Certain shops were closing down, and it seemed that more and more, there were more shinobi, and less civilians. Also, after coming back from a two week mission, Jun had learned that a giant monster had attacked Konoha, and that it was stopped by some higher ranking Jounin, and some of the Uchiha Clan, one being Jun's older cousin, Shinji. Jun was surprised that this had happened, especially when he was away. He also noticed that after this, Seia seemed more releaved, and was home a lot more often, and so was Houkin. Although now, something wrong was going on with father.

Hiko Uchiha had always been one to enjoy smoking, and would smoke his pipe every day, enjoying exotic tobacco flavors and loose blends of herbs. It had never seemed to affect his usual good health though, not until now, when he was turning into his late 30's. Jun would notice that his dad would have to stop battling or a lesson because of pain in his chest, which was often accompanied by a lot of coughing. It got so bad that eventually the man started spitting up blood.

Jun and his siblings, as well as the entire Uchiha Clan were concerned about the health of their leader, but Hiko was a stubborn man, and he told everyone he was fine and would make it through, and refused medical treatment. It was assumed by everyone that the man, due to his bad smoking habits, had gotten a serious case of cancer. Because of his stubbornness, everyone watched painfully as the once great Hiko Uchiha slowly worsened and worsened, becoming weak and sickly. After a year, he became bed-ridden and was unfit to lead anymore. Thus, Hiko gave leadership to Keiri Okami, who was at that time, the strongest Uchiha. 

What Jun, Seia, and Houkin did not know, and not even Hiko knew, was that his tobacco shipments were being laced with a deadly poison, expertly created by a mad scientist known by the name of Mich Von Blitzschlagg. Mich was now the head of the ANBU research department, and underlying, he had sinister evil wishes, like wiping out all of Konoha's civilians, and creating berserker super soldiers. Blitzschlagg, having vast knowledge of all things medical and mechanical, was approached by a spiteful Uchiha named Renzukan, who had been upset at Hiko for declaring Okami the Clan Head, when he had wshed for the position. Renzukan asked the "good" doctor to create a poison that would slowly kill Hiko, making him suffer, and drive him from his right frame of mind. Mich would do it, but for a large price. Renzukan provided the money, and it was done. The poison created would do as Renzukan wished, but Blitzschlagg added an extra affect to it, to see if it could make the victim increasingly stronger and make him fall into a blood-razed frenzy at the point of no return. If it worked, he'd apply the ingredients to new drugs for his Blitzkreig Project.

It turned out, a year and a half after suffering, Hiko was declared to die within a few days. His condition was terrible. The man had lost most of his memories, and could not speak straight. Jun and the others had to feed their father, help him walk,and were sometimes hit or tossed around, but now it was even worse. On the final day, Hiko got out of his bed, somehow having immense chakra levels and seemed to have all of his strength back.  A horrible scene of events would then occur, as Hiko gathered his katana, Ame no Uzume, and attacked his own children with intent to kill. Houkin had not expected this at all, and Hiko went to slash the boy in half, Houkin grabbing for his own sword, but ending up too late. Seia and Jun both heard the horrible sound of Houkin's cry and their Father's yell,and ran as quickly as they could into the room. Jun was then hit with a high pressure water jutsu, and knocked out, while Seia dodged it, and engaged her father in full out combat, furious and full of confusion and pain. Jun would wake up from this, when Seia was thrown down to the floor by the bloodied body of their older brother. She screamed in pain, and Hiko leaped up, about to stab the girl through with a downwards thrust that would be instant kill if it hit, but Jun yelled, 'NOOOOOOOOO!!!!", his eyes morphing to a two tomoe in the left and a three tomoe in the right, burning painfully, tears flowing, the boy used his high speed to dash forward, slide under his father, and stab up into the man's rib-cage with his own sword, a wakizashi called Yawata no Kami, stabbing the heart, and killing his own father.

Jun was shaking with shock at what all had just happened, not able to grasp how this had happened, or why. All he knew was that he had just killed his own father, and his father had killed his brother, and tried to murder Seia as well, and the boy was drenched in blood. Seiaryu was knocked out, and later when when the ANBU arrived on the scene and Jun explained the events and found innocent, he was also told that his sister was in a coma. Jun mourned for a very long time, and for a long time, he did not smile. The boy's eyes both obtained three tomoe somehow, and his right eye one rainy day at the cemetery, bled for seemingly no reason. When he opened that eye, it had changed shape, becoming a Mangekyou Sharingan. He soon learned he had the power to teleport himself and objects and even others he touched, through some kind of wormhole into a sub-dimension. It was later on, he discovered he could even use this ability to bypass walls, or travel certain distances. This rare ocular power, once obtained by another young Uchiha who once thought himself a failure, Obito Uchiha, was called Kamui.

Chapter 5- Through the Dark

During these dark times is when Jun truly became a serious and dedicated Shinobi. Using his Father's teachings on the Mumyou Jinpu Ryu, Jun began to fight blindfolded, doing this to further increase his mental awareness and accuracy with his Kenjutsu. It was difficult at first, but constantly going at it, Jun picked up, and could react quickly to his other senses, blocking attacks from those he sparred with, staying steady, and dishing out heavy blows. When he was finally allowed himself to take the blindfold off, Jun had become a "Black Blurr". He was becoming a true Shinobi, and a marvelous and rare Uchiha. Thereafter, Jun upgrade Yawata no Kami and his father's Ame no Uzume, to edotite and senju wood, making them stronger and more formidable.  With these, he vowed to protect his family and clan, and wage war upon their enemies, for honor and justice. One day, Jun would become like his father, only better, that was now his wish.

 Now though, Konoha was becoming too much of a dark burden on Jun's heart, what with his father, uncle, and brother dead, and Seia in a deep coma. Thus, Jun went to Tsuneo to request some time to be away from the village, telling him he needed it in order to get rid of his feelings of anguish about the loss of his family and his sister's condition. Tsuneo understood and allowed the boy to do this, giving Jun the rest of the year to travel around Hi no Kuni, in which Jun went to visit the scorched forest, and the ancient, ruined hideout of the Uchiha. There he would stay and train hard to become powerful, and also spend time meditating on improving himself as a whole.
 What Jun didn't know, was the chaos that was unfolding back home with the ANBU ROOT, the followers of Mack, and the rest of the Uchiha. Maybe Tsuneo shouldn't have sent Jun away. Then again, perhaps it helped him not to be sucked into the madness.
A year later Jun returned to Konoha as promised, having learned a lot about his clan's deep and dark history, and having become physically, mentally, and spiritually stronger. He had vowed to his ancestors that he would make the Uchiha and Konoha alike, proud of him. He would work towards bringing a good name back to the clan, and erasing it's darkness. It was time for the Uchiha to have a new era filled with "Love,Power,and Peace."
There was something wrong however. While walking back home, a squad of ANBU confronted Jun, demanding he hand over his weapons and allow himself to be escorted to the Hokage. Once reaching the Hokage's office, after walking down burning and broken streets, he was even more astonished. So much had changed in the village...
Tsuneo Izumi was no longer the Hokage, having stepped down to take care of personal matters, he laid Konoha in the hands of a strange white-haired man who bore two Mangekyou Sharingan. He introduced himself as Keiri Okami, not using the Uchiha surname, though there was no doubt he was one. More-over, this was a Shadow Clone. His real body was in the hospital, recovering from transplant surgery. The clone of the new Hokage dismissed the ANBU, welcoming Jun and proceeded to apologize for the state the village was in. Apparently, he stated, the Uchiha Clan had a revolt against the rest of the village, being led by young Shinji Uchiha. For whatever reason, Shinji had felt oppressed, and that the Uchiha were feared and hated by the rest of the village, especially the Senju clan, atleast that's what Keiri told Jun.
Feeling like destruction was needed for revolution and freedom, Shinji was able to grab the hearts of hundreds, and the Uchiha thusly destroyed Konoha and left for Otogakure in the Land of Rice. However, Okami tried to stop Shinji from leaving, and the two had a face off, Shinji defeating Okami and taking his eyes out of his sockets, leaving him alive, but humiliated. It was an amazing and tragic story.
Now Jun had a lot of work cut out for himself. He would remain loyal to Konoha and provide support during the village's recovery. However, he refused to play double agent between Konoha and Oto, telling Keiri he would not do it. Jun believed that the Uchiha should not seek to destroy, but to help the world and make it a better place for everyone. Whatever his cousin did in Oto, it was not his concern.

Chapter 6- The Light of Truth

Months passed, and things inside of the Uchiha Clan District were getting bad, with heated arguments going on in the council and Jun having to raise his voice to speak up about upholding the Shinobi Tradition of the Uchiha being a Warrior Clan, and the BEST Clan in the world. Renzukan Uchiha was set on leading the council and wanted every kind of way to get Jun out of his hair. Hiko's little failure of a brat would never be a leader in his eyes. Behind both Keiri and Jun's backs, Renzukan was gathering many of the remaining Uchiha as his followers, stressing the need to give up being shinobi and live as civilians because it was easier, and better than being made to fight. Jun thought this was not only madness when he heard families were no longer sending their children to the Academy, but that it was like turning their backs on their heritage.

In all of this frustration, Jun spent a lot of time watching over Seia's sleeping body, hoping she'd come to some day. The doctors told him she may never come out of the coma, and if she did, she may not even be able to move, or eat for herself, but Jun had hope and love for her. There was just no way that someone as strong and talented as Seiaryu could stay immobile for the rest of her life. He believed she'd get better. In order to try and help her, Jun took an interest in the study of medicine and started reading books about the medical ninjutsu, Iryojutsu. It was boring at first, but as he read more, it became more and more interesting. He began to think, if he had known Iryojutsu before, maybe there would have been a chance he could have figured out his father's illness. Well, now he was determined to learn Iryojutsu for himself so that he could protect and save the ones left whom he loved.

~time skip~

Jun had been demoted from Chuunin, back to being a Genin. Why did this happen? He had taken a mission to Tanzaku Town to capture a woman who was a Nukenin. However, he had unknowingly ben seduced by her, and she had knocked him out, stole a bunch of money, and killed some people, not to mention getting away. It was harsh, and he could have actually been put in jail for allowing citizens to be murdered due to his lack of care. However, Keiri, being the kind man he was, with the same weakness for hot babes, couldn't do this to the younger Uchiha, so he simply had him demoted. Now, Jun would have to wait another few years before he could take the Chuunin Exams again. What a drag.

In the office, Jun met an annoying young man a little older than him, with messy brown hair and a missing eye. This was Nakago Yaiba, Keiri Okami's number one fan, and apparently his student. Jun found him annoying, and so Jun challenged the other Genin to a battle. Jun unfortunately lost somehow, clumsy in his rage of being annoyed. Jun vowed to Nakago that he'd beat him next time, and then Nakago accepted, following Jun home to his empty house. The two got into another bout, and had a long talk, which as it turned out oddly, Nakago could understand Jun, and why he was the way he was, and Nakago asked Jun for his friendship. Jun accepted this. It was the first time he had been happy in a very long time.

Nakago was able to help Jun further his studies and progress with Iryojutsu, lucky for Jun. he was very appreciative of Nakago and soon, the two became very best friends, while Jun's other friends, Shokyaku and Ryukudo became entangled in their own affairs and other businesses, as Chuunin and such, though they'd see each other sometimes. Things were starting to look up again. That is, until one day, while venturing out into the woods, Jun came across a small band of three shinobi.

There was an Inuzuka girl with her dog, and two others who were Uchiha. Jun didn't recognize one of them, but he vaguely recognized the other, and was shocked, and stayed hidden in the tree he was in, daring not move an inch, lest smeone notice him, if they hadn't already. However, that didn't matter. The one he had recognized, Uchiha Shinji, had the combat skill of sensory, and detected Jun's presence in the area, demanding he show himself, so Jun did.

Jun was then invited to come along with Shinji, and whom he learned were Kegawa Inuzuka and Hokuai Uchiha. They wished to show him their new home, and asked whether or not he'd join them at their home in Otogakure, Shinji liking the fact that Jun had the three tomoe, for as much as he could tell. Jun followed partly because he knew if he refused they may attack him, and secondly, because he was actually interested in how the other members of his clan were doing, and what kinds of lives they were living in Otogakure. Also, for being labeled an evil abomination, Shinji seemed pretty nice.

Jun traveled with them to Otogakure, and saw a land that seemed happier and more at peace than Konoha was. He could not believe it. The boy followed the older Uchiha and his companions through Otogakure, taking in everything, and followed them to the Otokage building, where he waited outside. When Shinji returned, he asked Jun why he had decided to come. Jun told him, that he wanted to learn more about why the Uchiha left Konoha, the real reason, and what, if Shinji knew, was the real secret of the Sharingan, asking in particular about the Mangekyou Sharingan. Shinji knew these things, Jun could tell, and Shinji was surprised that Jun had known so much, but him being the son of Hiko, Shinji could understand. Shinji told Jun that if he really wanted to know these things, and learn more of the secret clan jutsu as well, he'd have to do a task, which would label Jun a traitor if he were caught. Jun accepted anyway, and he would do the mission, which was to plant a hidden camera inside the Hokage's Office. A hard task indeed, but Jun pulled it off, and in a month, Shinji contacted Jun via owl, and Jun responded back with a message given to the bird, and soon left, to learn all the secrets he could.


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So Jun went back to Otogakure in order to learn from Shinji, the real reason why he and the other Uchiha had left Konoha, leaving a wake of destruction, and also, to learn more about the Sharingan. When Jun got there, he was met by Shinji, in the Crescendo Park, in an area where there were a lot of stone tengu statues in a garden. It was here that Shinji would explain to Jun his reasonings, telling Jun of the oppression upon the Uchiha by the Senju, and then by Konoha, and that they were used by an organization within Konoha's ANBu called the ROOT, in which Jun's own sister Seiaryu had been a part of. Jun didn't want to believe this at first, but he would listen anyway, and a lot of it, scarily, made sense. After this, Shinji would train Jun a bit in the ways of their ocular Genjutsu, and Jun did surprisingly well, impressing Shinji, who's not easily impressed by much. Shinji took a liking to Jun then, taking him to meet his Mother, Yui, and his father, Gendo. The next day, after eating a great meal and getting some rest, Jun traveled back to Konohagakure, having a lot to think about. he went on to do his own investigating within the village, to see if the pieces matched in the puzzle. After a month of espionage within the Uchiha Clan District and out in the streets and restaurants of Konoha, Jun came to the same conclusion. He could now understand even, why Renzukan wished the Uchiha not to be ninja anymore, but Jun disagreed with this.

Chapter 7~ Phoenix Rising

The situation with the Uchiha Clan was getting worse in Konoha. Keiri had little to no time for clan matters, having most of his work caught up in being Hokage, and thus Renzukan basically declared himself leader of the Uchiha Council within the district. Ren made a few new rules too, stating to everyone that those with the Sharingan doujutsu should no longer use it, and that the remaining shinobi should stop further training and do only missions when absolutely necessary for Clan Funds. This was incredibly wrong, Jun thought, and he refused to listen to Renzukan. For this, Renzukan and his followers labeled Jun a bad seed. Parents were advised to keep their children away from Jun, lest he manipulate them into being like him. Still though, Jun was able to rally his own followers, other Genin like him who possessed the Sharingan and wanted to remain ninja, and become famous shinobi! In this time, Jun would help them train, and along the way, he unlocked a third element, the Raiton. Jun went to go train this for hours or days on end, making sure to leave the confines of the clan district to do a lot of his training, lest he anger the majority of adults. Jun was able to gain the Chidori and its variants as Seiaryu had, and was even able to eventually learn the Kirin.
One day, to get away from the situations with his clan, and the pain of seeing his sister in the hospital, Jun decided to take a hike up into the mountains, where there was a temple monastery for some monks. He went high up here into the mountains until he found a nice place where he could train. The terrain was wonderful, a flat area on top of a mountain, with several trees and some big rocks. Here, Jun began to train with his Kenjutsu, Fuuton, and Raiton. However, he was soon interrupted by a beautiful girl who introduced herself as Masuyo Kaede. Masuyo had just left Iwagakure, and was looking for a new home. She was a site to see alright, with lovely long brown hair, deep sapphire blue eyes, and a nice figure. Jun fell in love in an instant. The two decided to train together, and she proved to be very strong, as well as a mistress of the Strong Fist style of Taijutsu. She beat Jun, but oddly, Jun wasn’t too upset, infact this elated him. He promised to win next time, and he invited Masuyo to come and live with him in Konoha. She accepted, and from then on, the two were nearly inseparable, always training to get better, always challenging eachother, Masuyo always seeming, oddly, a step ahead of the Uchiha Prince.
Back at home, things were ever getting more intense. Jun and Renzukan decided it was time to settle things, for Jun’s party wouldn’t listen to Renzukan’s and vice versa. They’d have a political debate one night, to decide just who exactly would be in charge of the district, Jun or Ren. If Jun won, things would go back to the way they had been before, with the Uchiha being shinobi, and he’d do all he could to make their lives better, so they could prove to everyone just how great the Uchiha were, and just what good people they were as well. Now, on the way to the meeting, Nakago Yaiba had snuck into the district, wearing a white mask. He slipped into the Susanoo’o statue at the center of the district’s park, following Jun into the underground tunnels that led to the Naka Shrine’s hidden basement. When Jun noticed the intruder, the boy pinned him to wall, and yanked the mask off, thinking him someone who was possibly sent to assassinate him. However, it was just Nakago, with a goofy grin from ear to ear. Jun was now agitated, and he told Nakago he shouldn’t be here, and to go home. However, a few more uchiha passed by Jun, insisting Nakago attend, since Nakago had helped the clan in the past. Jun grumbled, but allowed it in that case, and they all went to the meeting.
It started out with Renzukan insulting Jun for being so insubordinate, and claiming that if the uchiha were to follow the boy, they’d be doomed. Jun was another Madara, a sinister young man who’d cause nothing but hardships for the rest of them. Jun had to keep calm, speaking up, saying positive things, and not bashing Renzukan, but telling the people of the importance of not giving up who they were, the Uchiha, a proud clan of highly skilled ninja, with the greatest Kekkei Genkei of all. The two sides continued to make points, Renzukan getting more and more heated, as his side slowly turned in favor of Jun’s words, respecting that the young man could keep so calm and pleasant in this situation, and some were beginning to admire his strength and charisma. Jun would then activate his Sharingan, and exclaim that the power of the Uchiha was honor and love itself, for he had gained his eyes from the love he had for his late father, and the entire clan. This was very moving,a nd some people started cheering. When a young man started yelling his name in glee, though, angry Renzukan grabbed her up in his arms and put his hands around her neck, his own Sharingan activated in fury, He was crushing the woman’s windpipe, killing her. Jun shouted for him to stop, but Renzukan chuckled and killed the girl, and went on to tell Jun how he was so disappointed in Hiko’s son, for he didn’t know that who actually killed his father, was him, Renzukan. He then explained, and Jun was furious. Jun launched at Renzukan with his katana, activating Kamui, and in a flash, Renzukan was dead before he knew what had happened. From there, a civil war broke out in the chamber, and Jun and his followers killed many civilians. Nakago was abhorred at this scene of events. How could Jun kill his own people? Jun though, didn’t stop there. Now that he had killed so many people, he felt he couldn’t stay in Konoha. It was too corrupted. No one outside of his clan could possibly want to listen to him now. Jun told his comrade Uchiha to join him, that they’d go to Otogakure and join with the rest of the Uchiha, and be free of oppression, without the need to stop being ninja, or fear of being labeled as a bad clan. Thus, they did, and Jun and the others killed the rest of the civilians, setting the Uchiha district aflame, and scorching it to the ground for the final time. A tear had run down Jun’s cheeks, looking at the blazing inferno, but it coulsn’t be helped. This is what had to be done. He’d be the Uchiha Clan’s hero, in a new and radical way, if he must.  A new Madara? So be it.
Jun ordered the other Uchiha to head for the eastern gates, while he would go and fetch his sister from the hospital, and get Masuyo to come along. He refused to leave them behind. However, Nakago Yaiba was furious. He would not allow his friend to get away with what he had done, and he would not let him leave Konoha. Jun though, evaded Nakago, using Kamui to warp all the way to hospital room, and he would quickly scoop up Seia and be on his way. As it turned out, he didn’t even need to go get Masu-Chan after all. She had seen the fire and thought she knew what was going on, so she ran along the street, and Jun joined her side, telling her where they were going and why.
At the border between Hi no Kumi and Tate no Kuni thoug, at the Valley of the End, Nakago was waiting ontop of Madara’s head. Jun, furious, told Masuyo to take his sister and the others, cross the river, and run as fast as she could, to Otogakure, telling her to keep going north,and that he’d catch up as soon as possible. Jun would dash up the side of the Senju Hashirama statue, and stare coldly into Nakago’s face. The two immediately started fighting an epic battle, that played out rather like Naruto and Sasuke’s battle there, so long ago. In the end, Jun had been the victor, nearly killing Nakago, but not having the heart to do so. Jun took his headband of then and slashed a line through the leaf symbol, tossing it into the water. He bid farewell to Nakago then, and he was gone for a long time.

Chapter 8~ Why the Caged Bird Sings

Years passed, and the last Uchiha who had left Konoha, along with Masuyo Kaede, had found a new home in Otogakure, where they lived happily and peacefully for a while, becoming stronger, honing their skills, and becoming more of a true family, with Jun becoming both closer than ever to Masuyo, and close to Shinji, who now saw Jun as his little lost brother, eventhough they had different parents altogether. Seiaryu had finally come out of her coma by this time, though she didn’t recall any of her abilities or even how to use the Sharingan. She did though, recognize her younger brother, even if she did struggle to say his name. Jun was so happy and so sad at the same time, to have his sister back. Perhaps someday, she’d become a ninja again, or not, it was all up to her. It would take time for her to get her memories all back, possibly even years. Jun even found out the uncle Zataku had somehow mysteriously come back to life, and the old man explained how this had occurred, telling Jun of a secret he and Houkin had between eachother, involving the Mangekyou Sharingan. Regardless of how it occurred, it was a true miracle that Zataku was back, and Jun felt that his family was all the more whole, even if his father, mother, and brother were there only in spirit (Zataku’s resurrection is explained in depth in Jun’s RP sample).
Jun and Masuyo, and their friends soon became Chuunin, then before you know it, they were Jounin, and now Jun was second in command of the Uchiha, advising Shinji where he felt Shinji needed his help, and also taking advice and consolance from Shinji in return. Soon, they would need all the support they could give eachother too, for it so happened, that when Keiri Okami was back to full strength, he launched a hidden attack upon Otogakure, having spies infiltrate Oto, and then setting the village itself on fire. Specific targets just so happened to be Shinji’s and Jun’s homes, and on top of that, Masuyo and their new daughter, Hisa, were in there at the time. Jun and Zataku arrived to rescue them, Jun rushing in and grabbing his wife and child, and Zataku putting out the fire with the Fire Sealing Method. Zataku then went and formed a squad of water and fuuinjutsu users to help put out the fires across the village, while Jun would kiss his lovely wife and daughter goodbye, as he ran off to catch up with an angry Shinji, to help him in his payback to Konoha.
A full out war had broken out, first involving only Konoha and Oto, but then sucking in other nations, as they became interested in the fighting, and both sides needed supports.The wrath of the Uchiha and Otogakure though, was seemingly unstoppable. Black fires raged and scorched the land of Hi no Kuni, and thunder clouds crashed lightning down from the sky, destroying everything they could. Konoha was about to buckle under its own weight, the Hokage, Keiri Okami, slain by his arch nemesis, Uchiha Shinji. Jun however, was beginning to think this was all wrong. Didn’t he want peace? If that was so…then why was he helping to destroy the world that brought him into this life? In his mind, his father looked at him, and his brother. Both of them told Jun to uphold peace, protect, and serve the people you love. Jun looked up into the sky, seeing nothing but storm clouds, ashes, and smoke. This had to stop. So therefore, Jun ran into the fray, warping between the leader fo Konoha, and Shinji, yelling for them to halt. He’d like to make a peace-treaty, to stop the war, and let both sides be at rest. Jun looked into Shinji’s face, he was crying, though the young man smiled, and told Shinji to watch over Masuyo, Hisa,their new son who was to be born soon, and old man Zataku. He told Shinji also, that he loved him like a brother, but, sometimes brothers had to make sacrifices. Jun would then turn to Konoha, telling them that he gave up. He’d trade his life to stop the fighting. Jun would pay for all of the sins of Otogakure, as well as his own. Shinji was moved, for the first time in a  long time. He loved Jun like a little brother, and didn’t want to see harm come to him, but he understood why Jun wanted to do this. Jun didn’t want to see Konoha destroyed. It was his home town, as well as Shinji’s.
Jun thusly, was taken into custody by Konoha, and he was sent to prison, sentenced to death in one year, in which during that one year, he would take responsibility for his whole clan, and be punished. He spent that year in Hi no Kuni’s volcanic top security prison, tortured every day, beaten until he lost nearly all of his will, and had no more hopes and dreams. The once proud and lovely Uchiha Prince became thin, sickly, and literally broken. Slowly, day by day, his captors abused the young man, while Jun’s chakra was sealed away, and he was chained, having no way to defend himself. In the end, even the Uchiha’s eyes were plucked from his face, leaving him with the ultimate hell for an Uchiha, endless darkness. Jun no longer wished to live, and was gladly awaiting the day of his execution.
However, on that day he was escorted painfully to the death chamber, Jun heard a familiar voice, an angry voice declaring that the Uchiha be unshackled. Jun though, was delirious, and wasn’t sure if he heard right. Was it his father? Was Jun dead now, so that he was where his father, mother, and brother were? In a weak voice, Jun called for his mother and father. Gentle but large and rough hands came to take the device off of Jun that was to end his life. Those same gentle but strong hands helped Jun up onto his feet, and he was soon leaned against a rugged body. However, he realized it was about his size. Maybe this was…..”Naka…go….”, Jun asked. The voice replied to Jun, with a little chuckle, ”Indeed old friend, indeed. It is me. I’ve come to set you free. Your life isn’t over yet, not as long as I am the new Hokage.” Jun was surprised, ”Ho…kage? Y..you, Na..kago?” ”You better believe it, pal!”
It had taken a long time, but eventually Nakago Yaiba, Jun’s old friend, had become the Hokage, after much debating with the Elders. However, Nakago was entrusted to be the next Hokage by Keiri’s Will. So, since Nakago was Hokage, he did not wish for Jun to be executed. Nakago has horrified at how his old friend had been treated, even if Jun had brought it upon himself. Nakago took Jun to the safety of his home, where he healed up his injuries, washed his body, and performed the procedure of giving Jun back his eyes, which had been stored in the ANBU laboratory. In a week, Jun had his vision back, though he would still take a very long time to completely recover. Jun was skin and bones, and covered in scars, and even though he was healed, there was still soreness. Nakago gave Jun some lectures about not giving up in what he believed in, and also, he asked Jun to please stay with him here in Konoha, but Jun told his good friend, eventhough he cared about him a lot, he had a family out there waiting for him, and that his clan needed him. As well as, Konoha was no place for an Uchiha, even one who may be forgiven. Jun left the next night, by cover of the darkness. Nakago was upset to see him go, but Jun needed to get back to his family. He had a wife whom he loved, a daughter, and a son he had yet to meet, as well as his adopted brother Shinji, and uncle Zataku. The hero was returning from the brink of death.

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RP Sample:



Uchiha Jun (DONE) Junsiggy_zps36781b9f-1_zps1d13386e
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Weapons and Equipment: 

Starting Weapons-
1.)    Ame no Uzume- An amazing tempered edotite katana, with a gold hilt guard and a hilt cloaked in senju wood. It is a legendary sword created by Jun's grandfather, Shenron (The Dragon God) Uchiha, who was in his time, a master smith. It was built not only for durability, but it was made light, yet with enough weight on it to cause death blows if used by the right person. When chakra is channeled through this sword, it glows red with rage. It is stored in a senju wood  sheath, tipped with more tempered edotite. Uzume is named after a Shinto Goddess of Dawn and Revelry. The sword became his after his father, Hiko Uchiha, died.

2.)    Yawata no Kami- A brilliant wakizashi made of tempered  edotite with a senju wood encased hilt. It is lightweight and easy to wield, and comes with a senju wood sheath, carved with a dragon and phoenix on it, poised in mortal combat. Yawata is named after a Shinto God of War and  Divine Protection, aka Hachiman.
3.)    Omoikane- A solid senju wood gunbai with an edotite frame and pole. Omoikane is a beautiful but deadly weapon, nearly as long as Jun is tall, and having a single circular fan, emblazoned with the Uchiha’s Tomoe seal on the right and left sides. It’s a weapon of ancient tradition for high ranks within the Uchiha clan, and Jun crafted this one after the fashion of one fabled Uchiha Izuna’s gunbai.  In Shinto legend, Omoikane is the deity of wisdom and intelligence, who is always called upon to "ponder" and give good counsel in the deliberations of the heavenly deities.


All E-Ranks

1.) Body Flame Technique
2.) Shunshin no Jutsu
3.) Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes Technique
4.) Earth Release: Earth Style Wall
5.) Fire Release: Great Fire Ball Technique
6.) Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique
7.) Genjutsu: Sharingan
8.) Manipulated Shuriken Technique
9.) Shadow Clone Technique
10.)Sword of Kusanagi: Chidori Katana
11.)Kuchiyose: Triple Rashomon
12.) Generic Sealing Technique
13.) Mystical Palm Technique
14.) Chakra Scalpel
15.) Wind Release: Great Breakthrough

Yen: 0


Uchiha Jun (DONE) Junsiggy_zps36781b9f-1_zps1d13386e

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Approved!  5 Fate, our maximum at start, huzzah!

You may be strong...

...but you don't stand a chance.
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Uchiha Jun (DONE)
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